O Scale Town Structures

DRL O-408   T.W. Dick Iron Works
Gardiner Maine

When it was built in 1890, it was a
state-of-the-art water powered
machine shop which later became the
home of the T.W. Dick Iron Works.  
It was demolished in 2016 during the
Augusta NNGC, but is still visible on
Google maps Street View.  For our kit
we captured the original charm,
removing the modern additions,
windows and garage doors.

In its first year it was rented by
W.H. Dyer to build the freight cars
for the new 2-foot Kennebec Central
Railroad.  The KCRR locomotives
and passenger cars were ferried
across the river. But being an experienced and frugal man from Maine, Dyer
scheduled his deliveries in winter so that he could sledge the freight cars down
to the shore and across the frozen Kennebec River.

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