Deerfield River Laser
DRL O-618    
VIC 56 - Coastal Steamer 85 ft

VIC 56 is technically an 85 foot,
120 ton steam coastal lighter or
a "puffer".  The term "puffer" is derived from the earliest puffers, used on
canals, which had no condensers and exhausted steam to the atmosphere as a
railway engine does. The VIC 56 is now preserved in working order at Chatham
Historic Dockyard.

Unpainted Laser cut wooden hull and decking, with cast cleats and details.  

"What a great kit! Interesting subject, well-designed kit, great instructions."
 Howard Quednau  - Howard received his kit 10 days ago, and send these
  pictures of his completed VIC this morning !!  Really nicely done Howard.
Figure not included