Deerfield River Laser
The 36' Quik-Kit Series kit bodies are a direct replacement for the 31'
plastic body on the Bachmann ON30 coaches.  The kit includes unpainted
wooden side and end walls along with an appropriate decal set.

DRL-O-D5     1880  Business/Paycar 051.  Originally built with 6 sets of
paired windows on each side. 051 was modified into this Paycar
configuration with a "teller" window on each side.  As the Paycar 051 ran
in a special train, generally pulled by locomotive #2, an old Dawson &
Bailey 4-4-0..

“The special train consisted of the pay car, which resembled a miniature
bank furnished with tables, chairs, a safe, and money cage, and the
caboose, where the paymaster lived en route. The train stopped along the
line at stations and sidings, wherever it came upon railroaders.”