Deerfield River Laser
HO Scale
S Scale
O Scale
                                             HO Scale     7.5" to 11" depth

DRL-HO-426    Sail Loft with Hay Barn  (South Grain Co)     10"x7.5"      $96.00
   DRL-HO-429   Wiscasset Lumber              6.5"x8"      $56.00
               DRL-HO-424    Turner Centre Creamery    7.4"x11"      $92.00
                           DRL-HO-425    Wiscasset Grain Company   10"x10"     $99.00
WISCASSET Waterfront in HO
This series of kits of the Wiscasset waterfront (circa 1915).  While the original
buildings were up to 100' deep, we have designed these HO Scale for a space of  
11" depth (lots of doors and windows).

 DRL-HO-207  Clark's Depot                                             $ 40.00
 DRL-HO-208  Newport Station - Old Colony Line      $ 20.00
DRL-HO-614  Steam Ferry Sabino                                 $ 88.00
WW&F/SR&RL Passenger car sides in HOn30
 Requires AHM/Pocher HO Old Time Passenger donor car for
roof and frame V&T (yellow body),  W&A (orange body),  
KC,StL&C (red body), or Barnum Special Advertising Car

DRL-HO-M9    Rangeley Parlor Car       $ 25.00
DRL-HO-M11  Carabassett Combine    $ 25.00
DRL-HO-M17  Laconia Coach                 $ 25.00
DRL-HO-M10  WW&F Combine              $ 25.00
DRL-HO-M12  WW&F Coach #3             $ 25.00

  Requires Roundhouse 34 ft Overton Coach as a donor for roof
and frame.
DRL-HO-M5    Coach Vasalboro             $ 25.00
DRL-HO-M6    Smoking Car Taconnet  $ 25.00
ET&WNC Passenger car sides in HO  
DRL-HO-T4    Early Coach                   $ 30.00
DRL-HO-T10  Azalea                             $ 30.00
DRL-HO-T15  Combine                        $ 30.00
DRL-HO-T16  Arch Window Coach  $ 30.00