These Sn3 Scale Series kits provide the side and end walls, a frame, and
decals for several of the DSP&P passenger cars.  These kits require ordering
the appropriate Sn3 roof from Shapeways, as well as End Beam/Rails, Steps,
and under carriage detail parts. Kits are less couplers and trucks.

  (Yes, the photos show HO trucks, that was all I had available at the time.)

DRL-S-D7    $46.00
DSP&P Baggage
#40, #41, #47
34' body  
The Shapeways roof for baggage car #40 is at:

DRL-S-D3    $46.00
DSP&P Coach #3/#5
40' body   
The Shapeways roofs for coaches #3 and #4 are at:

DRL-S-D4    $46.00
DSP&P Coach  #4
40' body
Denver, South Park, and Pacific (DSP&P)
S Scale
O Scale
Sn3 Car Sides Kits